46. The Last Day

It was a great semester with you. I’ve enjoyed every single day of this semester. I won’t forget you all. Thank you for your efforts for this semester and this course! 🙂

PART I. Your Final Grade
As I have mentioned, your final grade is available today. If you have any questions regarding your score, please let me know.


PART II. Course Evaluation

I’ve set up the course evaluation form and you can access it here. You’re basically asked to log in from a screen that looks like this:

Then you will click on “course evaluation”  followed by “evaluate courses & take surveys” as shown below. You should see the form for EDIT 2000.


45. Learning Adventure – Evaluation

Here’s a list of learning adventure websites.

  1. Allison / Syllables and Sounds
  2. Ansley, Erica & Jen / Plant Growth Cycle
  3. Ali & Chase / The Great Gatsby and the American Dream 
  4. Jordan, Taylor & Thomas / Adventure To The Moon!
  5. Kara, Alexa & Emily / Learning Adventure: Life Science
  6. Daniel B, Daniel E & Nelson / 6th Grade Geographical and Historical Europe
  7. Katherine, Caroline & Caitlyn / How do animals communicate?

I didn’t assign the reviewees you need to review this time. Please review your peers’ learning adventure as many as possible by 11:59 PM this Sunday. Online evaluation is available here.

44. Learning Adventure – Day 12

  • Today (April 25) is a project day.
    • I will be in the classroom in case you need a place to work on your project or have any questions.
  • Learning adventure is due at 11:59 PM today (April 25).
    • All you need to do is LETTING ME KNOW YOUR ADVENTURE WEBSITE ADDRESS using this Google form.
    • If you already have submitted the address, don’t need to do it again.
    • If I cannot check your submission because you didn’t tell me your adventure address, your submission can be counted late submission until I find your website.
  • Peer evaluation is due at 11:59 PM, this Sunday (April 27).
    • Please do peer evaluation using this online evaluation form.
    • The form will be open at 12:00 am Saturday.
    • Please review all of the learning adventures except yours.
  • Your portfolio is due at 11:59 PM, this Sunday (April 27).
    • Your portfolio should have 5 menus: About me, Learning Environment Design, Social Media Plan, Tool Commercial, and Learning Adventure.
    • I don’t care about the order of the menus.
    • Here’s an example portfolio.
  • Next Monday (April 28) is the last day of class.
    • Your final grade will be available. Please come to class. 🙂

43. Learning Adventure – Day 11


  • A collection of useful resources for Learning Adventure: Jamie’s Learning Adventure
  • The final project “Learning Adventure” is due at 11:59 PM this Friday (April 25).
    • Remember! You cannot use your late pass, because this is the last project.
  • Please let me know your learning adventure website address using this Google Form. Otherwise, I cannot check your submission.

PART I. Your Portfolio (5%)
As you may know, your portfolio score (5%) isn’t graded yet. Here are the 5 menus I ask you to have on your portfolio. And here’s an example page.

  • About me
    • Please introduce yourself using some images.
    • I don’t care about the number of images, but it would be better to have at least one image.
  • Learning Environment Design
    • This was the first project.
    • I believe you don’t have to do something additional.
  • Social Media Plan
    • This was the second project.
    • I believe you don’t have to do something additional.
  • Tool Commercial
    • This was the third project.
    • I believe you don’t have to do something additional.
    • Just make sure whether the link or the video works well.
  • Learning Adventure
    • This is the last project.
    • Please provide a link to your website with a short description (e.g., The title is … This learning adventure helps elementary school students learn …. The website is available at …)

PART II. Further Schedule

  • Friday (April 25) – The last work day
    • Your project is due this Friday. Please keep working on your final project.
    • The classroom is available, and I will be here in case you need a place to work or have questions.
  • Saturday & Sunday (April 26 & 27) – Evaluation day
    • Since the due date was postponed to this Friday night, I need to postpone the evaluation day as well.
    • Peer evaluation is available here. The survey is currently not available and will be available on Saturday.
    • Evaluation is due at 11:59 PM, Sunday (April 27).
  • Monday (April 28) – Last day of class
    • Please come. Your final grade will be available.


42. Learning Adventure – Day 10


  1. How was your weekend? Hope you took a rest!
  2. We’re almost there. Only one week to go!
  3. A collection of useful resources: Jamie’s Learning Adventure
  4. I’d like to hear your opinion on the due date of this final project.
    1. The project is due at 11:59 PM this Friday (April 25).
    2. Please let me know your learning adventure website address using this Google Form

PART I. Finding a Career
This section is to provide students with information on possible careers that perform the similar activities to that of your adventure. Provide a brief description about each career and the links to websites about the career(s)  you found – include a picture if possible.

PART II. Parent Teacher Letter
In this section, you will write a letter to parents/teachers with the following in mind:

  • An introduction to the adventure for parents: purpose of activities, helpful hints, materials needed, what sections need parental guidance, opportunities for extension (field trips, additional books, etc.), a list of book titles that relate to the question.
  • Rather than simply listing what you find on Amazon – search the Athens library and the CMC – find good books, not just books on the topic.
  • Include learning objectives – use the Georgia Performance Standards if applicable. You may choose to write some general or specific learning goals for your adventure.

PART III. Author Introductory Video
In your video, you will tell about yourself and why you choose this topic. You can shoot your videos with your phone or camera. Then, you can edit your videos using iMovie or Movie Maker if you need. Or you can make a video using any animated videos like PowToon. Uploading your introduction video to YouTube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  You can login to YouTube with your google account. Make sure you set your video to “public”!!!

PART IV. Further Steps

  1. Finalize your last project, Learning Adventure.
  2. Submit your learning adventure website address using this Google Form.
  3. Have an evaluation day (Review your peers’ learning adventures)
  4. Have your final grade (on April 28th, which is the last day of class)



41. Learning Adventure – Day 9

As you all may know, today will be a work day. The classroom (rm 616) will not be available today.

If you need feedback on your Learning Adventure project, I am happily to provide my ideas. Please send me a link to your website. I will take a look at your homepage and give my ideas by this weekend. (This is not mandatory. If you need my feedback, please send your link). If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

I hope you have a great weekend,
and I will see you all next Monday.

Happy Easter!

Jamie Park

40. Learning Adventure – Day 8


A collection of useful resources: Jamie’s Learning Adventure

Learning Adventure – Organize
When working with your learners you want to make sure you give them specific places to go with specific things to do – an advance organizer will help with this.

This will serve as a “to do” list. Use age appropriate graphics. You may find something you like on this teacher site, you may choose to create an organizer using WebspirationBubbl.us or even using Word,  Google Docs, Google Forms. Here’s a huge list of more premade templatesREMEMBER  your advance organizer should be an original – not from a template.

After you’ve selected or created an organizer for your investigation, include a write up on your site for students. Just posting an organizer isn’t enough. You need to write to the students, explaining what they are going to do with it. Do you want them to print it? If so, you need to tell them. Let’s take some time in class now to create an organizer and write directions for students.

Learning Adventure – Show What You Know

What are you having students do as part of their adventure? Is it meaningful or busywork? Are they using critical thinking and problem solving skills or just repeating facts? Keep these questions in mind as you create this part of your project.

The rubric states, “This is the product – after they’ve learned about the topic, what can students create to show what they’ve learned and/or to learn more about the topic? This will be a creative endeavor – not a worksheet or research paper.” Here’s a long list of project ideas. Read about Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects for more ideas. This is a great place to use some of the tools you’ve learned about this semester.

In addition, you want to indicate how students share their final product with you. You might also want to include the assessment criteria or project rubric in this section.


For Friday:
I learned that this Friday is Good Friday. This Friday will be a work day. Have a great weekend and see you all next Monday.