01. Welcome to EDIT2000

Before class begins – please complete the following:

1. Make a name card and learn a classmates’ name.
2. Check out a laptop if you did not bring your own.
3. Create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.
4. Complete the online student information sheet.

Also, please let me know how you learned about this course. Please complete this survey by the end of this week. It may take 5 minutes to complete.

What do you need to know for the first day of class? You need to know what the class is about, who your instructor is, what materials you will need, and what you will be doing this semester. I’m going to briefly cover all of these things during today’s class.

What is this class about? It’s about learning to use technology effectively in your own life so that you can (and will) use it effectively in a K-12 classroom. You can view the syllabus for more of the fine print – but that’s the main idea of the course.

Who is your instructor? My name is Hyojin Park, and my English name is Jamie. I am currently a doctoral student in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at the University of Georgia. I am from South Korea, and it has been about three years since I lived in the U.S. I would like you to actively participate in this class and make the class much more fun together.

What materials do you need? There is no textbook. We’ll have readings in our class Dropbox folder. However, life might be easier if you have a USB drive and if you knew where you could get your hands on a headset or headphones and a microphone, you’d be pretty much set for the semester. Also, you are more than welcome to bring your own laptop (make sure to bring your laptop fully charged).

Laptop Cart Checkout Procedure. There are 10 Macs and 10 PCs in the cart. Each laptop has its own number. Checkout a laptop from the charger and fill out the check-out sheet. Do NOT remove any power cords from inside of the cart. Stick the power cord to the velcro. After the class, you return the laptop to the assigned place in the cart. Plug in the laptop so that it can be recharged for the next user.

What will you be doing this semester? You’ll be learning more about technology tools that you can use in your life now. Then, we’ll apply what you’ve learned to a K-12 classroom setting. All of this will be done through project-based learning. Don’t know what that is? I promise you will soon enough. You’ll be doing a lot of work, you won’t be bored, and you certainly won’t hear yourself saying, “when am I ever going to use this?”

Class Activity:

  • Meet the people at your table. Find out where they’re from, why they are taking this course, and what they are planning to do once they graduate. Also, find out one thing that they really want to tell about themselves.
  • Technology-integrated learning
  • A list of technologies you use everyday
  • A list of technologies you used in K-12
  • A list of technologies you want to use in class

For Wednesday:
1. Complete the online student information sheet and this enrollment survey.
2. Review the syllabus.
3. Make sure you have some pictures in Facebook that you will want to use on your autobiography page for your web-based portfolio.


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