04. Creating an online presence


  1. If today is your first day of class, please view the blog posts from Monday, Wednesday and Friday (click on the date on the calendar on the right) and complete the student information sheet.
  2. Your first reading assignment is due by 11:59 PM tomorrow (January 14). Please review this post for more information.

Part I. Attendance Policy
Last Friday was the last day that you can modify your course schedule. Now we have our final course roll. I am going to call your name, and please let me know your preferred name. My goal of this week is learning your names and faces!

Also, I would like to remind you of our attendance policy. Please take your name card when you come into this classroom. Your name cards will be placed on the table next to the labtop cart. After class, please leave your name card on your table. I will collect and check your attendance. Those who have a class right before this class, please remind your name again.

Your everyday attendance will be updated using this Google spreadsheet. I checked your attendance for the last three class days, but do not worry too much. The number of absence made last week will not be counted for your attendance score. Please try not to miss more than 3 classes this semester from today.

Part II. Creating an Online Presence
Even if you don’t have a website, you probably already have an online presence – through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As a learner in the 21st century – it is important for you to know how to create your own website. We’ll be working on this project throughout the semester. Today, we’ll build the structure of your site, create an introduction page, and write your autobiography page. You’ll be using your website throughout the semester to store, display, and reflect upon course projects.

Google Sites is like a combination website, blog, and wiki all rolled into one. We’ll be using it for all three functions. You’re going to be really amazed at what you can create without knowing anything about html code!

Let’s view a few sample websites created using Google Sites:
K-12 Classroom website
Sample EDIT 2000 site

Go to: http://sites.google.com and log in.

** If you’d like to use other websites (e.g., tumblrbloggerabout.me, or wordpress), feel free to do so! :)

Our tasks for today:
*Create the home page, insert an image, write a few sentences about what you hope to learn this semester.
*Create an “about me” page with images, links, and background info

We’re just getting comfortable with the tool – so we’ll mess up a few times – but in a few weeks we won’t remember what is was like to not be able to create webpages.

For Wednesday:

  1. Fill out this form so I can find your website.
  2. Please read this article and write one paragraph for each question and send them to parkhj@uga.edu:
  • Question 1. Please briefly describe the five attributes of meaningful learning.
  • Question 2. Please explain the meaning of “Learning With Technology” as compared to “Learning from Technology.”

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