05. Meaningful Learning with Technology

Updates from today’s class

  • Please submit your 1st reading assignment if you haven’t yet.
  • We will continue to discuss our 1st reading on Friday.
  • Please complete your “About me” page for Friday’s class.
  • We will create Twitter accounts early next week.

Your first reading assignment was due yesterday.

PART I. Reviewing the Article
The first reading assignment was about meaningful learning with technology. Thank you for submitting your responses last night. This article is my favorite among the three readings this semester. You are able to obtain key ideas about learning with technology. For today’s class, I have asked you three questions. Let’s start with the first question together. What was the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter? Was there anything that surprised you? My favorite quote from the article is “Rather than testing inert knowledge, schools should help students to learn how to recognize and solve problems, comprehend new phenomena, construct mental models of those phenomena, and, given a new situation, set goals and regulate their own learning (learn how to learn).” (p. 2) This is somewhat long, but it shows the direction of this course. 

OK, let’s talk about the second question, the five attributes of meaningful learning. Each group has been assigned two characteristics of meaningful learning with technology. I will give you your classmates’ own definition of the five attributes. Please come up with the best description that can explain the assigned attributes. You may select one of your classmates’ definitions or come up with your own definition by referring to your classmates’ definitions. Also, let’s watch a video of a learning activity and see if we can identify any of the characteristics.

Our last question was differentiating between “learning with technology” and “learning from technology.” Again, I will randomly give you the answers from your classmates. Please select the best answer!

If you are going to memorize anything this semester (besides the quote) – I would strongly recommend that you memorize these 5 characteristics.  You’ll be seeing and using them all semester long.

PART II. Heads-up on Friday’s class
For a few minutes, we’ll do a short activity to learn more about your classmates using your portfolios. Before the class begins, please complete your “about me” page. I am not asking you to complete the “Home” page at this point. Your “About me” page with some images (at least one) and some information about yourself will be enough!

Also, we will create Twitter accounts. Those who are familiar to Twitter already, please help your classmates and me on Friday. Thanks in advance!

For Friday:

  1. Complete your “About me” page. Don’t worry about the “Home (main)” page yet.
  2. Using this link, please let me know where I can find your portfolio.
  3. We are going to create Twitter accounts.

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