07. 21st Century Education


  • Please submit your portfolio address using this link, if you haven’t done so.

PART I. What we did last Friday
Welcome back everyone. How was your long weekend? Hope you had an awesome weekend! Because we missed some friends, I would like to revisit what we did last Friday. First, we finished reviewing our first article, meaningful learning with technology. We have learned five attributes of meaningful learning. What are those? Yes, active, constructive, intentional, authentic, and cooperative. Those five attributes are very important, and I strongly recommend you to memorize those five attributes if you are going to memorize anything this semester.

The discussion about the 1st reading assignment was totally based on your reading assignment. You reviewed your classmates’ reading responses and chose good answers. Want to see your classmates’ definitions? Visit this Google Docs! We also discussed about the differences between “learning with technology” and “learning from technology.” I gave each group four classmates’ answers and each of the groups chose the best answers. You can also check those best answers here, Google Docs. (Please double-check the tabs: class at 11:15 or at 12:20).

After discussing the article, we had a short activity using your About Me page. You can see the results of the activity on the back side of your name card. For those who missed last Friday, I am sorry you don’t have any…

PART II. 21st Century Education
We, today, are going to talk about 21st century learning. Some of you may notice this image.

Retrieved from http://www.p21.org/

Yes, you saw this image from the 1st article, meaningful learning with technology, p. 11. This framework presents 21st century student outcomes (arches of the rainbow) and support systems (the pools at the bottom).  Want to learn more about this framework? Please visit at http://www.p21.org/about-us/p21-framework and learn more about it.

Then, we need to ask ourselves this question first. What is 21st century learning? What’s the difference between 20th century learning and 21st century learning?

According to the video 21st Century Education vs. 20th Century Education:

  • 20th is retelling. 21st is discovery.
  • 20th is information transfer. 21st is learning to learn.

I have no idea how many of you will agree on this idea, but I do. And this course EDIT2000 is designed based on the idea of 21st century skills – 4Cs. 4Cs are Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity. If you want to learn more about 4Cs, please watch this video, “The Four C’s: Making 21st Century Education Happen.

PART III. Class Twitter Accounts
Social Media can be a great resource for professional development. It can also really get in the way of getting a professional position. So how do we navigate a world with amazing potential and potential pitfalls? We all need to think about how we might develop a professional social media strategy and how we might use social media for personal and professional development.

You need to create a Twitter account in order to become a part of our professional learning network. You’ll connect with other EDIT 2000 students and I’ll help you to find additional people/organizations to follow that will help you with projects throughout this semester. It is important that this account is kept separate from your personal Twitter account.

Once you’ve created your Twitter account – please tweet a greeting message to #edit2000.  You will find other students who are taking EDIT 2000 with other instructors this semester. Do you want to tweet with your classmates? Please use #Jamie1115. Oh, and mine is @HyojinJamiePark

Your tasks today:

  1. Create a new Twitter account (Please separate from your personal one.)
  2. Tweet a greeting message to #edit2000 (You will find other edit2000 classmates)
  3. Tweet a greeting message to #Jamie1115 if you’d like to
  4. Please follow me (@HyojinJamiePark) and I will follow you as well.
  5. Change your Twitter profile pic.
  6. Tweet at least one resource related to “classroom design” to @HyojinJamiePark with #Classroom_design

For Friday

  1. Change your Twitter profile picture. No egg! No coffee! I want YOUR picture!
  2. Please tweet at least one resource related to “classroom design” to @HyojinJamiePark with #Classroom_design.
  3. We will start our first project, “Learning Environment Design.” Yay!

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