08. Learning Environment Design – Day 1


  1. Please create a Twitter account and let us (other instructors) know your twitter handle using this link
  2. I found a Starbucks cup after class. Who lost the cup?

PART I. Reviewing #classroom_design
This Wednesday, we talked about 21st century learning. Well, it’s time to figure out where you will be teaching. What should the physical environment of your future classroom look like?

How about beginning this project with exploring some related resources? I have been thinking how I can use Twitter in class. One way of using Twitter in class was asking you to tweet at least one resource related to classroom design to #classroom_design. Let’s review some of the resources together.

According to some resources, classroom design can affect student learning. Thanks for these resources, Caitlyn, Jennifer, Caroline, Jake, Erin, Kwardel, Kaitlyn, Lexie, Chad, Zac, Katherine, Ross, Emily, Alexa, Ansley, Brent, Hilary, and Daniel E.

Here are some principles/tips helpful for you to design your classroom. Thanks Jordan, Nelson, Tim, Allison, Chase, Emily, Manny, Katie, Harrison, Varun, and Kahler.

Also, some examples are available. Thanks, Taylor, Thomas, Elizabeth, Abby and Summer.

If you want to explore more images of classrooms, please visit  Gretchen’s Pinterest board (you don’t need a Pinterest account to view it).

Here is other valuable tips. Thanks Kara:

I hope these resources are helpful for you to think about arrangement of the desks, a reading loft, a couch, and etc.

PART II. Project 1: Learning Environment Design
Let’s review this page “P1. Classroom Design” under Projects. Feel free to ask any question if any.

We will be working on designing your dream learning environment. First, we’ll need to get a graphic of your classroom up onto a new page in your portfolio called, “Learning Environment”. We’ll use a (sort of) free tool called Floorplanner but you are welcome to use other tools. For example, you can use Class set-up tool (Thanks, Ali), teq.com (Thanks, Zac) or Classroom Architect (Thanks, Daniel B).

Let’s watch a short tutorial video about Floor planner.

The best thing to do is to create an account in Floorplanner (so you can return to your floorplan if you don’t finish it in class) and then go through the 12-step tutorial so you’ll know exactly what you can do with the tool. You’ll need to click on tutorial to the left of the screen. Keep in mind that the free version of the tool will only allow you to create ONE floor plan.

For Monday

  • We will continue working on the learning environment design.

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