09. Learning Environment Design – Day 2


  1. Please create a Twitter account and let us (other instructors) know your twitter handle using this link, if you haven’t done yet.
  2. Check if your portfolio link is correct.

PART I. Reviewing Key Information about P1. Classroom Design
You can review more detailed description about the project here, “P1_Classroom Design,” under Projects.  I am going to revisit this page for those who missed last Friday and for those who attended last Friday but forgot the information. Here’s brief information I just copied from the page.

  • Due: January 29, Wednesday (Negotiable)
  • Required tasks
    • Step 1. Create an (free) account in Floorplanner.
    • Step 2. Design your dream learning environment using Floorplanner.
    • Step 3. Once you completed designing the classroom layout, take a screen shot of the layout image.
    • Step 4. Create a “Learning Environment” (or other name you want to use) page on your portfolio.
    • Step 5. Insert the image of your learning environment design onto your “Learning Environment” web page.
    • Step 6. Respond to the following directly on your “Learning Environment” web page:
      • Keeping an audience in mind (parents and/or students), give a narrative for your classroom layout – why you chose the design, what are the highlights of the room, how it reflects the needs of the learners and of the curriculum. Give a sense of what it would be like to spend time in your classroom. Describe your students and yourself (their teacher). This should take 3-4 paragraphs to describe.
  • Tool: Floorplanner (Welcome to use other tools)
  • Assignment submission: Your online portfolio
  • Points: 10%
  • Rubric: Google Docs (Feel free to revise)
  • Evaluation: Peer evaluation (You will review 5 classmates’ work)
  • Late submission: Please refer to Syllabus
  • Useful Resources

To do this project, please keep three things in your mind. First, you need to think about your imaginary students’ grade level. Second, think about your subject area, if any. You can design a regular classroom, of course, but if you are interested in a certain subject area, it would be good to design your classroom for that purpose. Third, think about your class size. How many students do you expect? Your classroom size will be vary depending on the number of students.

PART II. Further Schedule
OK, now, it’s time to confirm the deadline. Please suggest your due date! Does this Wednesday sound good or not?

Here’s my further plan. Of course, your opinions are more than welcome.

  • 1/29 Wednesday: Due at the beginning of class/ Discuss about the rubric + Peer evaluation
  • 1/31 Friday: Evaluation day + Reading day
  • 2/3 Monday: Talking about some terms (Digital Natives, TPACK, GPS, etc.)
  • 2/5 Wednesday: 2nd Reading Discussion

For Wednesday:

  1. Please think about important factors in developing a rubric for the learning environment design project.
  2. 2nd reading assignment will be announced. 🙂

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