10. Learning Environment Design – Day 3

It’s been snowing since this morning. Wow, it’s interesting. Snow in Georgia.

I’ve been checking weather.com and I finally decide to cancel tomorrow’s class. May I ask you a favor? Please let me know that you are aware of tomorrow’s schedule using this link. Otherwise, I need to individually contact you tomorrow to inform you that we are not going to meet.

Also, please carefully read the information below.

I. Rubric (tomorrow)
Please add your ideas to this Google Docs by tomorrow night. What elements are important to create a learning environment? Subject area, size of the classroom, technology incorporation, your creativity, and your description. What else?

The final rubric will be announced Thursday. If there’s no other new ideas, we will use the current one to evaluate your work.

II. Revising Your Classroom Design (tomorrow & Thursday)
Feel free to revise your classroom design based on the rubric. Again, I will check your assignment submission on Friday morning. If your design is not completed then, you will be marked 2-day late submission.

III. Peer Evaluation (Friday – next Monday)
As I mentioned, each of you needs to review 5 classmates’ work. I will individually send an email by Friday (Jan 31) to let you know who you need to review and a link to submit your evaluation results. Remember. Evaluation day is Friday. Do not review classmates’ work yet.

Your evaluation is due next Monday, at the beginning of class. You will be able to receive your evaluation results by Wednesday (Feb 5).

IV. 2nd Reading (by next Wednesday)
Read Ch 3 from Egbert, J. (2009). Supporting learning with technology : essentials of classroom practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Merrill/Prentice Hall.

As you are reading the chapter, write 2 questions you would ask your classmates. Questions can be related to factual knowledge (e.g., describe the five attributes of meaningful learning) or ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions.

Bring the two questions to class next Wednesday. It would be better if you thought about the answer for your questions in advance. You don’t need to submit those questions (and answers) to me.

Due date is at the beginning of the class on February 5 (Wednesday).

For Friday

  1. January 31 (Friday) will be another individual learning day. Please evaluate your peers’ work and spend time to read the second reading article.
  2. Stay warm!

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