12. Who and What Are You Teaching?


  1. Wow, it’s February.
  2. Peer review is due at the beginning of class. Please submit your peer review using this link. There will be a small present if you submit your peer evaluation results on time! (All of your classmates’ classroom designs are ready to be reviewed.)
  3. You will be receiving your evaluation result on Wednesday.
  4. 2nd reading assignment

PART I. Digital Natives: Who Are You Teaching?
We have thought about “where you are teaching.” OK, then how about your students? Who are you teaching?

Students you will teach (and any of you born after 1982) are sometimes called “digital natives” a phrase coined by Marc Prensky. Most of the teachers you’ve had are considered “digital immigrants”. If you want to learn more about Digital Natives, you might want to read this article by Marc Prensky. Here’s a brief video of some “digital natives” talking about their lives.

What do you think about the terms “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants?” Do you like those terms? Maybe some don’t. There have been the digital native debate and this article by Jamie McKenzie is one of the debate articles.

Here are some tests that you can test your fluency of a Digital Native using either “Do You Have the Fluency of a Digital Native?” or “Are you a digital native?

PART II. Content Standards: What Are You Teaching?
As teachers, we don’t really choose what we are going to teach. This is mandated at the local, state, and national levels. In the state of Georgia, curriculum standards are called “Georgia Performance Standards”, or GPS. They are written for every grade level (K-12) and most subject areas. Click on the Georgia Performance Standards tab and then select your subject and grade level. If you’re interested in Mathematics or English/Language Arts, you might refer to the Common Core Standards as well. If you don’t see your subject area listed (subjects such as health, family and consumer science, character education, and a few others), view the “Quality Core Curriculum Materials” – the predecessor to the GPS (not all subjects have made the conversion yet). If you are interested in speech therapy or special education, here are some possible standards: “IEP Goals & Objectives Bank.”

It’s time to decide your focus for the rest of the semester. What grade/subject do you want to teach? View the GPS (or QCC) for that grade and subject. Let me know if you’re having trouble choosing a subject or can’t find the standards for your subject.

Sometimes it’s easy to use technology – but is it easy to use technology that teaches content? It’s also easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of technology tools and forget about the content. And how do you create a lesson that teaches content while also engaging your learners? Creating this “perfect storm” requires something called TPACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (say it 3 times fast!). You can read more background here (click on the “full text” icon).

YouTube Video about TPACK:

For Wednesday:

  1. You will be receiving your Learning Environment Design result.
  2. 2nd reading assignment is due at the beginning of class. Bring two questions to class. Don’t need to submit anything to me.

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