13. Supporting Learning with Technology


  1. I hope I can give you your Learning Environment result today. I am still working on it…
  2. Bring your late pass if you want to excuse your late submission.
  3. Please bring your official note if any to excuse your absence.
  4. 2nd reading assignment is due today. Did you write 2 questions as you reading the chapter? It would be better if you thought about the answer in advance!
  5. Today is the last day of Foundation-Building Activities.

Reviewing the book chapter, “Supporting Learning with Technology”
Read Ch 3 from Egbert, J. (2009). Supporting learning with technology : essentials of classroom practice. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Merrill/Prentice Hall.

I asked you to write two questions you would ask to your classmates as you are reading the chapter. Questions can be related to factual knowledge (e.g., describe the five attributes of meaningful learning) or ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions. Also, I mentioned that it would be better if you thought about the answer for your questions in advance.

Today we are going to do a group activity using your questions for 20 minutes.

  • Step 1. Each group selects three questions from your team members’ questions. Please write the selected questions on the paper I gave you.
  • Step 2. Each group exchanges the questions and works on the questions. Feel free to refer to the article!
  • Step 3. While working on the questions, I will additionally give you a small activity.
  • Step 4. The points you can earn from each activity are as follows:
    • Quality of the question: 10 pts *3
    • Quality of the answer: 15 pts * 3
    • Activity: 15 pts
    • Time management: 10 pts

For Friday

  1. We will revisit the key ideas of the article.
  2. We are going to begin a new theme, Communication and Collaboration.

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