14. Supporting Learning with Technology – Day 2


  1. I sent you the learning environment result. Any question? Feel free to ask today.
  2. Those who were absent last class, please send me your two questions and brief answers by the beginning of class.

PART I. Reviewing the book chapter, “Supporting Learning with Technology”
We continue working on the 2nd reading activity today. Please meet your group members.

  • Step 1. Each group selects three questions from your team members’ questions. Please write the selected questions on the paper I gave you.
  • Step 2. Each group exchanges the questions and works on the questions. Feel free to refer to the article!
  • Step 3. While working on the questions, I will additionally give you a small activity.
  • Step 4. The points you can earn from each activity are as follows:
    • Quality of the question: 10 pts *3
    • Quality of the answer: 15 pts * 3
    • Activity: 15 pts
    • Time management: 10 pts

PART II. Learning about Social Media

  • Have you ever heard of social media?
  • What does social media mean?
  • What kinds of tools are the examples of social media?
Social Media refers to websites that allow interactive communication online. Email is one of the social media. You use an email to communicate with your friends, teachers, and family. Other examples? Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter; Social photo/video sharing site such as YouTube.
Let’s spend a few minutes to discuss how social media has been used and can be used in our life. Use #P2_SocialMedia if you find any good resources to share.

For Monday:
  • We are going to talk about utilization of social media in this society.
  • The second project will begin.

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