18. Social Media Strategy Plan – Day 3

PART I. Social Media in Classroom
How are social media used in classrooms? Anthony Rotolo, a professor at Syracuse University, talks about promising practices for social media in classrooms.

Social Media can be a great resource for professional development. It can also really get in the way of getting a professional position. So how do we navigate a world with amazing potential and potential pitfalls? We all need to think about how we might develop a professional social media strategy. At most, you are three or four years away from entering your chosen profession – it’s time to create your social media profile so you don’t find yourself removing tags from Facebook photos, creating a barebones LinkedIn account, and learning what Twitter is the night before a big job interview.

Here are some examples of social media in classrooms:
Twitter in the classroom
Facebook in the classroom
Pinterest in the classroom

PART II. Characteristics of Social Media
The next step you need to do is exploring one social media tool and building a social media strategy plan using the tool. I think understanding the characteristics of social media will be helpful for you to think about your strategy plan. So, let’s think about important characteristics of social media. Ask your group members. Why do they like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube? You may google the characteristics of social media.

Plus, one tip I am going to give you is that you don’t need to stick to make a plan for your students. You may also create a social media strategy plan for other teachers. What is social media? You can easily publish and share your knowledge with others using social media! Social media is one of the best tool for sharing your information! You are welcome to create a community where other teachers can share good information.

For Friday:
Your social media strategy plan is due this Saturday (Feb 22).


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