19. Social Media Strategy Plan – Day 4


  1. Your social media strategy plan is due tomorrow, 11:59 PM. I am going to check your submission right away!
  2. We are going to do a fun game, Social Media Quiz, today. Please check #P2_SocialMedia to see what social media resources are available.

PART I. Last reminder of the 2nd project (10%)
Here are the things you make sure to complete the project.

  • Due: Tomorrow (Feb 22) 11:59 PM
  • Submission: Add a new page called “Social Media Strategy plan” on your portfolio and post everything on the page.
  • Rubric: Google Docs (Feel free to revise)
  • Task1: Reading About Social Media
    • Find your own article/video/resource and tweet it to #P2_SocialMedia
    • Write 2 paragraphs about what this article means to you, how it informs your understanding of social media, and what is in the article that you will use in your profession
  • Task2: Building a Social Media Strategy
    • Set goals and a learning activity
  • Task3: Creating an example page
    • Show your expected result of your plan
    • Please make sure that example page is open to public (so your classmates including me can see the result.)

PART II. Social Media Quiz
As I mentioned this Wednesday, we are going to take this short simple and fun social media quiz. Will be done in a group. This is an open-book test! The resources I’ve referred to create the questions are from #P2_SocialMedia. Feel free to visit #P2_SocialMedia to answer the questions.

For Monday:

  1. Peer evaluation will be announced.
  2. Please find any good commercial video and tweet it to #P3_ToolCommercial

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