20. Social Media Strategy Plan – Day 5

Hi all,

Today is a make-up day of Feb 12th (one of the sow days). Please stay at home and work on your project.

Here are the things you make sure to complete the project.

  • Due: Today (Feb 22) 11:59 PM
  • Submission: Add a new page called “Social Media Strategy plan” on your portfolio and post everything on the page.
  • Rubric: Google Docs (Feel free to revise)
  • Task1: Reading About Social Media
    • Find your own article/video/resource and tweet it to #P2_SocialMedia
    • Write 2 paragraphs about what this article means to you, how it informs your understanding of social media, and what is in the article that you will use in your profession
  • Task2: Building a Social Media Strategy
    • Set goals and a learning activity
    • EXAMPLE: Build a professional Facebook page for high school history class
      • Learner: High school students
      • Subject: History
      • Tool: Facebook
      • Goal: To understand Magellan’s voyage
      • Learning activities:
        • 5 groups of 4 students
        • Each group will be assigned from year 1518 to 1522
        • Add major events to the Facebook page using the timeline function
        • Insert related images if any
        • Write detailed descriptions about the event
        • Add comments to other groups’ work to ask clarification/correction
  • Task3: Creating an example page
    • Show your expected result of your plan
    • Please make sure that example page is open to public (so your classmates including me can see the result.)

For Monday

  1. Peer evaluation will be announced.
  2. Please find any good commercial video and tweet it to #P3_ToolCommercial

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