21. Making a Commercial

Some of the plans are not ready yet. I will send an email with a list of 5 reviewees this Wednesday. Peer review due will be postponed until this Sunday (March 2). Thanks for your understanding!


  1. The second project was due last Saturday. Thanks for all of your time and effort for this project.
  2. Please bring your late pass if you want to use it for your late submission.
  3. Tweet any good/memorable/effective commercial to #P3_ToolCommercial

PART I. Wrapping Up the 2nd Project
First, I would like to thank you all of your time and efforts for this project. I skimmed through all of your plans, and they look awesome. Before talking about peer review of this project, let’s double check the requirements of this project.

This project requires 4 steps to do. First step was reviewing an existing article. Make sure you link to the article you found and write 2 paragraphs about what this article means to you. If you don’t like a long URL address of your article, I will show you how to insert a hyperlink. Second step was selecting one social media tool. Third step was building your plan using the social media tool. You needed to design a learning activity using the tool. The last step was creating an example page. One tip I have learned from our class was, a screenshot of your example page looks great if it is not easy to provide the link to the example page. For example, if you use a twitter for your social media plan, providing a link to the twitter is not easy. Then capture a screenshot of your example page, like Caroline did.

PART II. Rubric and Peer Review
Let’s finalize the rubric for the second project first. If you have a good idea to improve this rubric, feel free to share with us.

Based on the rubric, we are going to evaluate peers’ social media strategy plan. I am going to ask you to review five peers’ work, like we did for the first project. I am going to send you an email tonight with the names of the five peers you need to review.

Like we did, we use an online form to submit your peer evaluation results. The evaluation form will ask your name. Of course, I will wipe out your name from the collection of the results.

The peer evaluation is due this Friday (11:59 PM, February 28).

PART III. Tool Commercial
It’s time to begin a new project. And, yes, I know, it is not a good strategy to begin a new project right after completing the previous project. So I am going to give you a heads up today, and this new project will begin this Friday or next Monday.

You have been a classroom designer and a social media strategy planner so far. For the new project, you will be hired by a tech company to create a commercial about a communication tool. Detailed information about the Tool Commercial project will be announced this Wednesday. However, key ideas are like these:

  • You create a commercial (less than 2 min) about a communication tool in a group of less than 4.
  • You need to sell a communication tool (web 2.0 tool) to teachers.

It is good to watch other commercials before creating your one. Let’s share some examples. What have you tweeted? While watching other commercials, let’s think about this question, “What makes a good commercial?

For Wednesday:

  1. I will explain about web 1.0 and 2.0.
  2. We continue watching existing commercials. Please tweet commercials to #P3_ToolCommercial