22. Tool Commercial – Day 1



  1. All of your social media plans are ready for review. Please review your peers’ work by this Sunday (March 2).
  2. You will receive your social media strategy plan result by next Friday (March 7).
  3. Please tweet any good/memorable/effective commercial to #P3_ToolCommercial

PART I. Existing commercials
Let’s watch some of the commercials you and your classmates have tweeted.

PART II. Detailed Information about Tool Commercial
You’ve been a classroom designer and a social media strategy planner. Now you will be hired by a tech company to create a commercial about a communication tool!

Let’s review the detailed information about the tool commercial project. We are going to briefly overview the information today. Your assignment today is reviewing this project description and bring any question (if any) to class this Friday.

PART III. Web 2.0
The core idea of the 3rd project is to identify how web 2.0 tools can be used in classroom. Then our next step is clear. We need to know what web 2.0 tools are. Here is a video briefly explaining web 2.0.

Some people, like in the video, differentiate social media from web 2.0 tools, whereas others don’t. For this project, I consider web 2.0 tools including social media tools. That means, you may create a commercial to sell social media tools to teachers (or parents).

For your further understanding, I prepared a chance for you to test your knowledge about Web 2.0. Feel free to do a google search to answer the questions.

For Friday:

  1. Find your team members to work together.
  2. Find your web 2.0 tool for the third project.
  3. I am going to share some examples from previous years.

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