23. Tool Commercial – Day 2


  • Web 2.0 Quiz is available here.
  • If you cannot find an appropriate web 2.0 tool, these sites maybe helpful.
  • Review your peers’ works by this Sunday (March 2). 
  • You will receive your social media strategy plan result by next Friday (March 7).
  • Tweet any good/memorable/effective commercial to #P3_ToolCommercial
  • Check your attendance. Contact me if you have questions.
  • Did you review the Tool Commercial page under projects? Any question?

PART I. Informercial

In this project, you are going to create a commercial about a web 2.0 tool where you highlight how the tool might be used by your audience to support communication and collaboration. Remember that the purpose of your infomercial is AWARENESS – it is not a training video.

The word “infomercial” is a portmanteau of the words “information” and “commercial”. As in any other form of advertisement, the content is a commercial message designed to represent the viewpoints and to serve the interest of the sponsor. (Retrieved from Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infomercial#cite_note-5)

Here is an example of informercial.

Here’s another one.

If you want to watch some more infomercials, you can go to the Time’s list of 25 best/worst infomercials. Some of the infomercials are really interesting!

Okay, all these are professional ones. These are not the ones that I am expecting you to create. Let’s take a look at the informercials created by former EDIT2000 students.

I hope these give you a better idea about what your infomercial could look like. Now, I want you to spend a little bit of time exploring your tool.

PART II. Further Schedule

  • March 2 (Sun): Peer evaluation due
  • March 3 (Mon): How to use Jing
  • March 5 (Wed): Concerns about Tool Commercial (Rubric, due date…)
  • March 7 (Fri): 2nd project score/ Project Day
  • March 10 – 14: Spring break
  • March 17: Tool Commercial Due

For Monday:

  1. We will talk about how to use Jing. Before you come to class, please download Jing to your laptop.
  2. Please let me know your partner(s) and web 2.0 tool for your project.

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