27. Tool Commercial – Day 6


  1. You all are supposed to receive your social media strategy plan result on March 7 (last Friday). If you didn’t receive the result yet, please let me know.
  2. If you have any question regarding your score, feel free to ask me.

PART I. Brief review of Tool Commercial
Project Overview
Since we haven’t met for a week, let me refresh your memory. For this project, you were hired by a tech company to develop a commercial for one of their products. The commercial will be more than 30 seconds, less than 2 minutes. The purpose of your infomercial is AWARENESS – it is not a training video. You should show how the product can benefit students (especially to enhance communication and/or collaboration).

On Your Portfolio
Each of you needs to:
1. Create a new page called, “Tool Commercial”
2. Embed your video (or provide a link to your commercial)
3. Add a brief description (Every member can add the same description)
by your presentation day.

Project Showcase
Your presentation schedule will be:
1. Allison & Ali
2. Zac, Ross & Brandon
3. Nelson, Daniel & Daniel
4. Jordan, Thomas & Tailor
5. Erica, Ansley & Jennifer
6. Emily, Alexa & Kara
7. Katherine, Caitlyn, & Caroline
8. Chase

Group 1 to 4 will make a presentation on Wednesday (March 19) and Group 5 to 8 will do on Friday (March 21). If you cannot make it by your presentation day, your score will be deducted according to our late submission policy. Remember, you cannot use your late pass because this is a group project.

Showcase Day
Each group will be given 5 to 10 minutes to present your commercial. Before showing your commercial, please share some information about your commercial (e.g., name of the website, target learner grade level, and/or target subject area). After watching your tool commercial, we will have a short Q&A session. Reviewers (your classmates and me) will ask any question if they have.

PART II. Time to work on your project
The remaining time is yours. Please work on your project.

For Wednesday:

  1. I will prepare some snacks you can enjoy on the showcase days. BYOB!

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