31. Creativity and Innovation


  1. The 3rd reading assignment is due today. Please briefly define the four dimensions of creativity. You don’t need to submit your summarized definitions to me.

PART I. Creativity?
Before we think about creativity, let’s answer these questions first. (Currently the file is only open to me. I will open the questions after class.)

OK, then let’s review a student’s answer together.

Based on these questions and answers, let’s spend a few minutes talking about creativity. What do you think about creativity? Do you think the answers are creative? If so or if not, how would you define creativity using your own words?

And I found this interesting video. Are you creative or analytical? Find out in 5 seconds.

PART II. Grow Creativity (3rd reading assignment)
J. P. Guilford’s FFOE model of divergent thinking offers four dimensions to describe creativity: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration. Let’s talk about the four dimensions a little bit.

Now that you’ve thought about creativity in general, watch this video from Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk.

So, what does this have to do with technology integration? Are there tools available that will enhance student’s creative thinking? Are there tools that will enable students to share their divergent thoughts to a broader audience? What types of activities might be possible in your grade/subject area? (just think about these questions, no need to write them up anywhere).


For Friday:

  1. If you are interested in Sir ken Robinson’s talk, read “Why Creativity Now? A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson
  2. Detailed information about the last project will be announced with examples done by previous students.



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