33. Learning Adventure – Day 1

You are able to check your updated score through your email today. If you have any question regarding your score, please don’t hesitate to ask.

PART I. Your topic and partner(s)
Before you choose your topic, you need to think about these questions first.

  1. Which grade level is your Learning Adventure targeted at?
  2. What is the subject?
  3. What is the topic of the Learning Adventure?
  4. What Georgia Performance Standard (or any other content standards) does your Learning Adventure address?

This project asks you to develop your lesson plan based on the mandated content standards in this country. Here are a list of content standards you can refer to create your learning adventure:

  • In the state of Georgia, curriculum standards are called “Georgia Performance Standards”, or GPS. They are written for every grade level (K-12) and most subject areas. Click on the Georgia Performance Standards tab and then select your subject and grade level.
  • If you’re interested in Mathematics or English/Language Arts, you might refer to the Common Core Standards as well.
  • If you don’t see your subject area listed (subjects such as health, family and consumer science, character education, and a few others), view the “Quality Core Curriculum Materials” – the predecessor to the GPS (not all subjects have made the conversion yet).
  • If you are interested in speech therapy or special education, here are some possible standards: “IEP Goals & Objectives Bank.”

Also, because this project asks you to complete a lot of things, I would prefer you worked with a partner (or partners) for this project. It’s okay if you find yourself planning an adventure in a subject or grade different than the one you identified at the beginning of the semester. I am open to people working alone, but you need to be forewarned that this is a lot of work – being able to share the work load will help you stay on target. If you are going to work in a group, 2 or 3 members would be good.

PART II. Essential Questions

You’ll want to get students interested in your topic by starting with an essential question. Please read this article and get some ideas about an essential question.

  • Essential questions are organizers and set the focus for the lesson or unit.
  • Essential questions are initiators of creative and critical thinking.

We’re going to try and write a few ourselves today.

  1. On an index card, write a question related to a topic about which you enjoy learning. For example, “what happened to the dinosaurs?”, “why did the Titanic sink”, etc.
  2. Get in a group with 2-3 other classmates, and use a tubric to turn your question into an essential question.
  3. How good is your question? Use the essential question development checklist on the last page of this handout to see how well you did.

For the rest of class time, work with your partner to create some essential questions to guide your adventure using the handout. Complete the Inquire section of your adventure.

PART III. Creating your Learning Adventure site
You will need to create a NEW site for this learning adventure project. If you’d like to create a new Google Site, you know how to do it. If you’d like to create a site using other sites, such as wordpress.comblogger.com, or tumblr.com, please feel free to do.

Please do the following when you create a site:
1. Make sure the title of your site reflects the nature of your adventure.
2. Make sure your navigation bar reflects the sections in the Rubric.

PART IV. Stop Animation Video
For the next 3-4 class days, we’ll be working to create stop animation videos. The videos will be used for your Hook page. Let’s watch some examples first.

Now, you should have some idea of what stop animation is. So, the purpose of a stop animation video is to explain a concept in a creative and engaging way. The basic mechanism is that you take a series of pictures and present them as if they are moving using a video-editing software. I am currently thinking of using Youtube, instead of a specific software. Youtube will be much easier to use to create a video.

For Friday:
We will be the first day of creating stop animation videos.


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