35. Learning Adventure – Day 3

If you are ready to take pictures today, you’ll need a camera. You may check out a tripod and a camera downstairs in OIT – rm 232. You can use your phone, of course.


Today we are simply working on props for your stop animation video. If your group is still working on the storyboard, that’s fine too. Try to finish it up and move on to building props. Those are available materials today.

photo 1 Construction Paperphoto 2 Color markers and pencilesphoto 3 Threadsphoto 4 Beads, Paper Clips, Rubber bandsphoto 5 Glues, Scissors Photo


You’ll need a camera and you may want to check out a tripod downstairs in OIT – rm 232. If you don’t want to use a regular camera, you can use your phone – you just want have a tripod. You’ll also want to bring in connecting cords so that you can download your pictures to a computer. You can use dropbox to transfer pictures from your phone to a laptop but it takes a lot longer than just using the USB cable (unless you use iCloud).

For Monday:

  1. You will continue building props. If your props are almost ready, bring a camera, tripod, and a connecting cord to take footages for your animation.
  2. Please do spend sometime this week to get yourself familiar with the tool that you are going to use to create a stop animation video (e.g., iMovie, Windows movie maker, Stop Motion app or any other tool)

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