37. Learning Adventure – Day 5

PART I. Stop Animation: Props Day
Please keep working on props if you haven’t finished yet. If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.

PART II. Stop Animation: Filming Day
We’ll take pictures (you’ll want somewhere between 80 and 100 or more pictures) today – that’s the goal. If you get any further than that, great! But don’t rush creativity!!!

If you do finish taking your pictures, you’ll want to import the pictures into iMovie (or whatever tool you want to use). Here are the brief steps of how you import the pictures to iMovie:

Connect your camera to a laptop and copy them to the desktop (or any other place that you can easily access).

  1. Open iMovie
  2. Create a new project
  3. IMPORTANT: we want to turn off default zoom (Ken Burn effect – Do you remember Ron show this?): Go to File > Project Properties and click the “Timing” tab in the top left corner. In the “Initial Photo Placement” drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, change the option from “Ken Burns” to “Fit in Frame.” If you skip this step you’ll have a zoom effect on every picture you import into your video and it might ruin your project!
  4. Now, you are ready to edit your animation!!
  5. Also, remember what we talk about the copyright issue. If you want to use some background music, make sure that you are not breaking the rule.

PART III. Learning Adventure – Explore
Let’s review this Google Docs. The stop animation videos are for Hook section. After completing this Hook section, my suggested section you work on next is Explore page.

The purpose of this Explore page is to give more advanced information for students. Please provide a list of websites (2-5 websites) that are age-appropriate (not just the first 5 listed from a Google search). Make sure you list the name of the website and write a description. Other than Google, Thinkfinity is another good site that you can find more information. This website is an appropriate resource regardless of grade or subject area.

PART IV. Looking Ahead

  • 4/14 (Mon): Learning Adventure – Explore
  • 4/16 (Wed): Learning Adventure – Organize
  • 4/18 (Fri): Learning Adventure – Show What You Know
  • 4/21 (Mon): Apply & Parent Teacher Letter
  • 4/23 (Wed): Learning Adventure – Author Introduction/ Due
  • 4/25 (Fri): Evaluation day (Peer review at home)
  • 4/28 (Mon): Last day of class. Final grade announcement

For Friday:
This Friday is a project day. Please keep working on your project.


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