38. Learning Adventure – Day 6

Today is a project day. I don’t check your attendance today. Please work on your project wherever you want to. BTW, I will be in the classroom in case you have any question or need a place to work with your team members.

Also, if you have any question, please leave comments or tweet questions to me.

Here are the questions that I have received during classes.
1. Due date of stop animation?
– Stop animation project is a sub-project of Learning Adventure. Thus, you need to complete your stop animation video by the due date of learning adventure (which is scheduled on April 23, and I will ask your preferred deadline on April 21, Monday.)

2. Further schedule?
As I posted, here is our further schedule:

  • 4/14 (Mon): Learning Adventure – Explore
  • 4/16 (Wed): Learning Adventure – Organize
  • 4/18 (Fri): Learning Adventure – Show What You Know
  • 4/21 (Mon): Apply & Parent Teacher Letter
  • 4/23 (Wed): Learning Adventure – Author Introduction/ Due
  • 4/25 (Fri): Evaluation day (Peer review at home)
  • 4/28 (Mon): Last day of class. Final grade announcement

The order of the project components is my ideas. You don’t have to follow my suggested schedule. In other words, you can work on Show What You Know first then Organize page. Just make sure that the final project has to be done by the due date.



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