39. Learning Adventure – Day 7

Useful Pages

PART I. Stop Animation
If you are still working on stop animation videos, don’t worry too much about your progress. You are not lagging behind. If you have a concrete idea about your learning adventure, other components do not take your time much. Also, don’t forget the specific due date is up to you. (I will ask your preferred deadline on April 21.)

PART II. Learning Adventure – Explore
The purpose of this Explore page is to give more advanced information for students. Please provide a list of websites (2-5 websites) that are age-appropriate (not just the first 5 listed from a Google search). Make sure you list the name of the website and write a description. Other than Google, Thinkfinity is another good site that you can find more information. This website is an appropriate resource regardless of grade or subject area.

PART III. Learning Adventure – Organize
When working with your learners you want to make sure you give them specific places to go with specific things to do – an advance organizer will help with this.

This will serve as a “to do” list. Use age appropriate graphics. You may find something you like on this teacher site, you may choose to create an organizer using WebspirationBubbl.us or even using Word,  Google Docs, Google Forms. Here’s a huge list of more premade templatesREMEMBER  your advance organizer should be an original – not from a template.

After you’ve selected or created an organizer for your investigation, include a write up on your site for students. Just posting an organizer isn’t enough. You need to write to the students, explaining what they are going to do with it. Do you want them to print it? If so, you need to tell them. Let’s take some time in class now to create an organizer and write directions for students.

** How to arrange the Google Site navigation bar

If you are using Google Sites, and your pages are automatically arranged in an alphabetical order, there are two ways to rearrange your navigation bar. One way is simple: numbering your components. The other way is using the navigation function. Please do the following steps. This guideline was developed by the former instructor, Won Park.

Step 1. Click ‘More.’


Step 2. Click ‘Edit site layout.’


Step 3. Click the navigation bar.


Step 4. Uncheck ‘Automatically organize my navigation bar.’


Step 5: Click ‘Add page’ if you need to add a page to the navigation bar. Sometimes you create a new page and it doesn’t show up in the navigation section automatically. After adding the page, it will then show up on this screen.


Step 6: You can use the arrows to arrange the page order. First, you click on the page you’d like to move, and then click the up/down arrows. The left/right arrows will indent pages to create hierarchy and connections among pages.


Step 7: Click ‘ok’ when you are finished arranging.




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