42. Learning Adventure – Day 10


  1. How was your weekend? Hope you took a rest!
  2. We’re almost there. Only one week to go!
  3. A collection of useful resources: Jamie’s Learning Adventure
  4. I’d like to hear your opinion on the due date of this final project.
    1. The project is due at 11:59 PM this Friday (April 25).
    2. Please let me know your learning adventure website address using this Google Form

PART I. Finding a Career
This section is to provide students with information on possible careers that perform the similar activities to that of your adventure. Provide a brief description about each career and the links to websites about the career(s)  you found – include a picture if possible.

PART II. Parent Teacher Letter
In this section, you will write a letter to parents/teachers with the following in mind:

  • An introduction to the adventure for parents: purpose of activities, helpful hints, materials needed, what sections need parental guidance, opportunities for extension (field trips, additional books, etc.), a list of book titles that relate to the question.
  • Rather than simply listing what you find on Amazon – search the Athens library and the CMC – find good books, not just books on the topic.
  • Include learning objectives – use the Georgia Performance Standards if applicable. You may choose to write some general or specific learning goals for your adventure.

PART III. Author Introductory Video
In your video, you will tell about yourself and why you choose this topic. You can shoot your videos with your phone or camera. Then, you can edit your videos using iMovie or Movie Maker if you need. Or you can make a video using any animated videos like PowToon. Uploading your introduction video to YouTube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  You can login to YouTube with your google account. Make sure you set your video to “public”!!!

PART IV. Further Steps

  1. Finalize your last project, Learning Adventure.
  2. Submit your learning adventure website address using this Google Form.
  3. Have an evaluation day (Review your peers’ learning adventures)
  4. Have your final grade (on April 28th, which is the last day of class)




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