06. Meaning Learning with Technology – Day 2


  1. Thank you for submitting your 1st reading assignment. Those who submitted the assignment late, please refer to this page to get detailed information about late submission policy.
  2. We continue to discuss our 1st reading today.
  3. Please complete your “About me” page before today’s class starts.
  4. We will create Twitter accounts next Wednesday.

PART I. Reviewing the Article (Continued)
We discussed three attributes of meaningful learning, Active, Constructive, and Intentional. Today we continue to review the remaining two attributes, Authentic and Cooperative. Please meet your group members to discuss the remaining attributes. I will give you back the papers with your classmates’ definitions. Want to watch the video again? Feel free to do so! Want to see others’ definitions as well? Visit this Google Docs!

Our last question was differentiating between “learning with technology” and “learning from technology.” Again, I will randomly give you the answers from your classmates. Please select the best answer!

If you are going to memorize anything this semester (besides the quote) – I would strongly recommend that you memorize these 5 characteristics.  You’ll be seeing and using them all semester long.

PART II. About Me!
We’ll do a short activity to learn more about your classmates and share each other’s portfolios.

  • Please get into groups of three (or four).
  • Introduce yourself using your About Me page
  • The remaining members should find one new keyword besides his/her own keyword (which is on the back side of the name card)

For Wednesday

  1. Next Monday is Martin Luther King’s day. Enjoy your holiday and see Wednesday.
  2. Using this link, please let me know where I can find your portfolio.
  3. Feel free to revise your “About Me” page.
  4. We will create Twitter accounts on Wednesday. If you know well Twitter, please help your class mates and me!